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“The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.” Andy Rooney



As I was visiting with Ms. Burnece Walker Brunson it blessed me to hear more about her journey.  I was so excited to share my book with her since she blessed it with some of her poetry. She is now 98 and still doing well even though she has slowed down a lot. During my visit she began to share with me about her nephew who did work with Nelson Mandela and how he made sure he read all of her poetry books.  She showed me a picture of him reading one of her books and a plaque that President Mandela sent to her a couple years ago. 

Let us not forget to honor our elders and sit with them to learn about their journey and our history. We will definitely leave wiser and grateful!!  I am blessed to have had this amazing educator in my life and don’t take it for granted.  She allowed me to use two of her poems in my book (Letters to Our Sons) about sons and children.

I wanted to take time out today to Thank her for mentoring me over the years and being like a mother and grandmother to many in Nashville and around the country.  She always takes time to ask about my son before she even ask how I am doing.  She has done this since he was about 4.  Her and her daughter Carolyn told me to make sure I told him that they are still praying for him. I am blessed and humbled that they still care and pray for him. 

Even though she’s frail and moving a little slower you can feel the strength on her when she begins to talk and give her advise and sometimes correction.  Her love and wisdom makes you feel empowered to move forward in the work God has called you to do. Make sure you purchase your copy of Letters to Our Sons to see what Ms Brunson shared. Follow us on Facebook

Age is…wisdom, if one has lived one’s life properly. — Miriam Makeba

Because of her dedication to many children over the years the NBCDI (National Black Child Development Institute honored her this year in their calendar.  Each month one of her poems is featured.  Let me know if you would like a copy. It will support the local Nashville NBCDI Affiliate.  She reminded me that she had many to sale and I needed to help her.  LOL!!  So help me by purchasing one from her. They are only $12.00.  Email Image

Ms. Burnece Walker Brunson was also a member of TSU’s cheerleading squad 1934. And at 98 she went back to show the young people how to do it. Image “Ms. B we celebrate you and want you to know that many children thank you for your commitment and sacrifice over the years to make sure they could have a bright future”.

Yolanda Conley Shields- Author-Speaker-Coach


Letters To Our Sons

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Yolanda Shields best-selling author has over 20 years of experience as a business leader and also does international workforce development and social entrepreneurship work in the continent of Africa and other 3rd World Countries. She is a much sought-after speaker and trainer in the area of small business, entrepreneurship, nonprofit startup and sustainability, fund development, grant writing, diversity, human capital management, career development, and social entrepreneurship. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States, France, and Africa. “I serve and guide individual solopreneurs or companies to new levels, expand growth and scale businesses to make a significant impact to produce an increased value that stands out among others. I love working in a collaborative way with leaders to translate business vision into strategic plans that are aligned to execute with excellence and sustainability”. She has earned a B.S. in Education and Social Work (APSU) MBA (HRM and Entrepreneurship). She has been appointed by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam to the Statewide Disability Board and the Labor and Workforce Development Board for the State of Tennessee and Vice Chair the Oversight Committee. She has assisted over 20 corporations in the areas of fund development, talent development, strategic planning, executive coaching/training, business operations and celebrity charity management. She is currently a mentor at the Vanderbilt University Wond’ry Innovation Center. She has worked with such celebrities as CeCe Winans, Darrell Green, Art Monk, Tony Boselli, and many others. Yolanda’s first book released in September 2013 which included a 10 city tour in 2013-2014 across the United States, France and continent of Africa where she shared her inspirational book dedicated to “Mothers & Son’s” – “Letters to Our Sons” – A Mother’s Journey Raising Sons to Become Men with Character and Courage. Her 2nd Book focused on Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy released February 2016 “Entrepreneurship is a MindSet not a Storefront”. For more information on Ms. Yolanda Shields visit To Book her Email
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